Best Inflatable Hot Tubs Overall and For the Money

Before getting straight to the point with and discuss and evaluate these inflatable hot tub reviews, I want to clarify a few aspects. For instance, I want to explain the reason why I decided to get one of these. First of all, I’ve seen it in my local  Costco shop, and both me and my husband loved it a lot. So we waited for the right moment to get one for a few months now. After waiting period, I bought our portable hot tub for Christmas and gifted to mbest inflatable hot tub spay husband, and he loved it.  It’s very comfortable to use, bubbles are just great and thanks to helpful salesman in our shop, water is also perfect. Even though these portable spas are inflatable, they don’t feel like cheap and are very pleasing. One of our friends has real hot tub in her bathroom, and I’ve used it couple of times. But I got to say, I like our inflatable hot tub a lot more. And when you consider price difference between them, it’s clear that inflatable hot tubs are definitely best for the money. Just think about it – real hot tubs cost more than ten thousand dollars, but on the other hand, you can get these for few hundred dollars online or your local shops. I can’t even understand why people pay so much for hot tubs anymore. I think everyone should buy inflatable portable hot tubs instead. Although just like everything else on this planet, inflatable hot tubs are not perfect either. So that’s why I decided to write this article based on various inflatable hot tub reviews I’ve previously read, and I want to sum up everything learned plus facts from my own experience. Main treats while buying one of these portable spas are scammer companies and their poorly manufactured products, which should not be bought. Because first of all, according to the inflatable hot tub reviews by salesman, those companies offer warranties on their products, which they probably do, but it doesn’t work. One friend of mine had problem with water heater. As the time passed, heater would not work as it used to work. For example, when they promise maximum temperature of 100 F, it wouldn’t go up more than 80 F. So she contacted the manufacturer and asked to replace her inflatable hot tub, which they denied. So here’s my solution to this problem : stick with products manufactured by Intex. That company produces best inflatable hot tubs on market, and their customer service is great. I did not have to replace it, but according to inflatable hot tub reviews under the product page, their team is truly amazing, and I’ve seen reviews by plenty of satisfied customers after getting their replacement. So in my opinion, Intex is the way to go if you desire to buy best inflatable hot tubs on market. There are some other companies as well, which are well rated, but I’m not familiar with them, neither I’ve read reviews, so I can’t recommend any of them.

After unpacking the inflatable hot tub, we also had problems with setting it up. At first, all the manuals and instructions seemed too complicated, so it took some time to get used to.  But with my husband and his friend’s help, it took only one and a half hour to set portable spa up properly. Although I found annoying that helpful tips on installation were scattered all around the guidebook.

I forgot all about these disadvantages when I actually used the inflatable hot tub. Considering this is inflatable product, and more than 10 times cheaper than regular hot tubs, it had great bubble jets, and sitting in it was very relaxing. Next time, we’ll be inviting our friends over as well, because it still had plenty of space of two more people. There are few extra seats available online, but it comes with great comfortable ground pad, which makes it best inflatable hot tub ever. It’s just super comfortable to sit on, eliminating the need of extra seats. It took some time to reach the maximum temperature, but again, considering the price, we expected it. Electricity bills are not too much either, I think it will be extra fifty dollars at the end of the month. But it’s totally worth the luxury of having very own best inflatable hot tub on market.

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